Keyplan draws precise floor plans of your space

We are Vancouver-based drafters, specializing in creating precise and detailed floor plans for various property types. We serve homeowners, property managers, real estate agents, interior designers, and renovation contractors to enhance real estate sales, leasing, and renovation planning.

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We assist potential buyers envision themselves as homeowners

We help in attracting numerous qualified, interested buyers for your listing by giving them the facts at a glance

Enhance your listings for faster, effortless property sales

Our floor plans help answer some of the questions of inquisitive buyers before they even have to ask

Quality is an Attitude

We set our standards high and never give in to “good enough”. Our friendly customer support team listens to our clients and dedicate every second of our day to creative positive experience throughout the process.

Our onsite technicians use laser measuring equipment and portable tablet devices with the latest technology, as well as CAD workstations, to create highly accurate floor plans. All floor plan projects undergo careful review by the supervisor to ensure quality assurance.


Quick Delivery at Competitive Prices

Our professional team member will take interior measurements of the property at the scheduled day and time. Following this, we will commence work on your customized floor plans. Once the plans are finalized, we will deliver them to you in high-resolution JPEG and PDF formats via email by the end of the next business day.




What our clients say

"This house was a particular challenge. I was pleasantly surprised the floor plan was completed. Please pass along my sincere appreciation to the person who did it."
Nancy Lloyd

Real Estate Agent

"The team at Keyplan is awesome to work with! Our team have used their services over the past years and have always had a positive experience including our clients. They're organized, accurate and professional in the service they provide. I would highly recommend Keyplan for anyone looking for professional measurements."
David Tang

Real Estate Agent

"I have been using KEYPLAN Floorplans for a couple years now. And now they have gotten into staging and design. They have amazing product and a great designer that can unlock the potential of any home or living space. They also do offices business and restaurants!"
Elio Parente

Real Estate Agent

"We've been using Keyplan's service for many of our listings. The experience has been great every single time. "
Christian Butzek

Real Estate Agent

"I highly recommend Keyplan. They always do a great job. "
Sheri Goldman

Real Estate Agent

Think it's what you need?

All you need to do is contact us to start. We are trusted by top real estate agents, property managers and property marketing companies to build, grow and launch their next project while focusing on what really matters.

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